3 Ways to Exponentially Increase Sales

Where to find more leads and sales How to drive more highly qualified leads How to convert more sales from the leads you’re getting One of my clients recently drove 200 appointments in a week with one email. How did we get that result? Well, some of the most overlooked opportunities for driving leads and [...]

How Alan McKenna Generated Over $100K from a Micro Offer to a Back-end Sales Strategy

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Tim Paige on his podcast, ConversionCast (powered by LeadPages), where we discussed my high-profit sales funnel process. I told him how I helped one client generate over $100,000 in back-end sales from an $18 micro offer. The key? Driving leads to a strategy session – especially [...]

Why More Leads Will NOT Fix Your Business

Generating more leads will solve your business woes by producing more revenue and profits. True or false? If you're like most high 6- and 7-figure business owners, the answer is... False! You see ... you don't have a leads problem. You have a sales problem. Sending more traffic and leads to a system that doesn't [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Steps to Creating a High-Profit Sales Funnel

Are you looking to create a high-profit sales funnel? We've outlined the 7 steps we use with our clients to create 6 to 7-figure sales funnels that consistently bring in revenue.  Take a look at the infographic below. Click on the image below to see a larger view: Click here to view an enlarged version [...]

The #1 Tip for Doubling Revenues that Brian Tracy Revealed to Me

I had the good fortune recently to spend 2 hours in a private meeting with world-renowned sales trainer Brian Tracy. As I helped him analyze a segment of his business, he told me a story about a company and the easiest way to double revenues. Curious to know what it is? :-) Increase your face [...]

[Case Study] The 3.6 Million Dollar Mistake

Busy transformational entrepreneurs often fall into a trap when it comes to doing campaigns and launches. I call it the... "But My Clients Are Different" Trap. One of my clients was a perfect example. His very successful business was doing tens of millions of dollars each year. Within the first month of consulting with him, [...]

5 Warning Signs That Your Business is Leaving Money on the Table

If you're like a lot of highly successful entrepreneurs, you're so busy running your business that you may not be aware of just how much money you're leaving on the table. Do you recognize any of these warning signs? You're working really hard every day, creating the next campaign, the next launch, busting it to [...]

[Calculator] 20% Of Your Existing Clients Are Most Likely Willing To Spend 4X the Money

Did you know that existing clients are 10X to 14X more likely to buy from you again compared with a new lead? In fact... About 20% of your existing clients will buy again, and… They're willing to spend 4X the money they invested on their initial purchase. And once they make that second purchase? That's [...]

The Easiest Way to Generate an Extra 6 or 7-Figure Revenue Stream

Most companies spend the majority of their time and marketing budget driving new leads and selling into their entry-level programs and products. (If this sounds like you, please keep reading - because I guarantee that it's costing you a LOT of money.) These activities are important. But they're not where the BIG money and profit [...]

Five ZERO Cost Ways to Explode Your Revenues and Add Huge Profits to your Bottom Line

As I consult with companies around the world I typically find the same things preventing them from getting the most leads from every marketing dollar and the most revenue from every appointment - therefore massively limiting the profits they make. I have listed below five ZERO cost ways that will literally change your business overnight and exploded your revenues and profits.