Your business has pockets of cash, hidden assets, financial windfalls and long term revenue streams that are completely overlooked – I Help Find Them!

Looking to Add a 7-Figure Increase to Your Business?

My name is Alan Michael McKenna, I create 6- and 7-figure marketing and sales funnels.

I have helped my clients generate more than $100,000,000 in additional revenue through implementing Full Funnel Optimization…


“Alan helped us turn a good business into a great business.”

“His strategies and tactics work.”

“His strategies and tactics work.”

“Alan works to make sure you have a very profitable company.”

“Alan works to make sure you have a very profitable company.”

“Revenues have DOUBLED in many of the areas he’s been in.”

“We attracted highly-qualified leads for my sales team.”

“Over $100,000 within the first four weeks…”

“30% increase in revenue…Alan is a genius!”

“30% increase in revenue…Alan is a genius!”

Want me to help you design and implement a 7-figure marketing or sales funnel?


  • I’ve added multiple 7-figures in 4 different areas of one clients’ business. We doubled the revenues from their Joint Venture marketing. Added multiple 7-figures building automated marketing funnels. Repositioned the hook on a front-end offer and again drove multiple 7-figures. Built a back-end sales funnel adding yet another 7-figure revenue stream.
  • I’ve helped an international company grow 128% in one year and then continue to grow by 123% over 20 months.
  • Increased one client’s revenues by 61% in the first 6 months and maintain a 74% growth over 17 months.
  • Grew the revenue for one region of a nationally known company by 20% while slashing their marketing costs by more than 42% within 6 months.
  • Accelerated annual revenues for one company by almost 60% in just eight weeks.
  • Created 10X more leads from a clients’ home page, adding 12,000 new leads in just four months. Built a successful membership program, monetizing content that was being given away, and adding a five figure monthly profit center. Increased sales appointments by 500%.
  • Implemented ONE strategy for a company that grew revenues by 90% in ONE month.
  • Created a campaign that grew one client’s paid monthly subscriber base by 60% in just 11 days, increasing the monthly revenues by over 121%. Then created a second campaign that in just 7 days grew the paid subscriber base by another 187% and monthly revenues by over 380%

Want results like these in your business?

Here are some of the clients I currently work with and have worked with in the past, achieving key results:

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Kendall SummerHawk

John Assaraf
Darren Hardy
Lisa Sasevich

Max Simon

Jennifer McLean

Lisa Nichols
The Shift Network
Evolving Wisdom

Sedona Soul Adventures

Dr. Robert Young

Chris & Janet Attwood
Brandon Bays
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iPEC Coaching

Christy Whitman

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