3 Ways to Exponentially Increase Sales

  1. 1
    Where to find more leads and sales
  2. 2
    How to drive more highly qualified leads
  3. 3
    How to convert more sales from the leads you’re getting

One of my clients recently drove 200 appointments in a week with one email.

How did we get that result?

Well, some of the most overlooked opportunities for driving leads and sales are within your existing database.

Where to Find More Leads and Sales

Your list of clients and prospects are an absolute goldmine waiting to be tapped.

So here’s one of the first things I do with clients to drive more revenue, and you should too…

  • Segment your database of leads based on RFM (recency, frequency and money) starting with the most valuable leads first.
  • Re-engage past buyers via email, text, voice broadcast and direct mail.
  • Re-engage highly-qualified non-buyers (there are specific ways to segment these types of leads based on engagement) by contacting them via email, and if you have their phone number, use voice broadcast and text, too.
  • Re-engage other leads and prospects with simple emails, requesting a response.
  • Dive into your social pages, online communities, client care and support desk software – listen and watch what’s being said…you will find hot prospects in these places.
  • Referral acquisition – have real conversations with existing clients and ask them who they know that would also benefit from the amazing result you delivered to them – clients refer the best prospects.

“Ok…here’s the deal. I’ve known Alan for about 65 days. And in that period of time he did what we’ve been trying to do for about 3 years now! He generated over 4,000 leads for our company and made it look like child’s play. I saw what he did… not rocket science… not hours of whiteboard strategy and extravagant budgets, but just plain old “one-to-many” lead generation common sense paid for with a roll of nickels. And, we’re smart people! But Alan took what we do very well and screamed it the world in his humble, understated, gentlemanly style. With Alan it was just all about the results!” 

~ Rick Lugash, Co-founder, Optimal Wellness Labs

How to Drive More Highly Qualified Leads

Now that you know WHERE to find leads and appointments, let’s dive into HOW to drive more highly qualified leads from within your current database.

There are simple campaigns to get started with:

  • Simple Survey Campaign – Emails asking what their biggest challenge is
  • Simple Invite Campaign – Emails inviting to help them create a plan
  • Simple Email Campaign – Still interested in (getting key result) email
  • Re-engagement Campaign – Send emails based on last interaction

Also on your existing funnels – Add phone numbers to order forms and sales pages, webinars, live-streams, etc. and invite people to call if they have questions.

And these are funnels to drive your list through on a regular schedule:

  • Case Study Funnel – Show prospects how to breakthrough their challenges using the amazing results you’ve had with clients, and then invite them to a conversation.
  • Micro Offer Funnel – Create a micro offer ($7-$20) and drive highly qualified leads by having prospects self-select by purchasing a small related product, and then offer a conversation.
  • Survey Funnel – Ask your list for feedback related to their challenges and desires – then invite them to a conversation at the end of the survey.

“The best move I ever made was to hire Alan to work with us. He has solidified the entire marketing team, he has systematized so many elements that we never had systematized before. And most importantly, the revenues have DOUBLED in many of the areas that he’s been in, and we have DOUBLED or even TRIPLED the number of joint ventures and strategic alliances that we had before. Thank you Alan!”

~ T. Harv Eker, Founder, Peak Potentials

Strategic Influence for Converting More Sales

You now know WHERE to find more prospects and HOW to drive more highly qualified leads from those places.

So the next thing is to CONVERT those leads and appointments into SALES and REVENUE.

Here’s how…

  • Sales scripts – Make sure you have tested and proven sales scripts, and your teams are trained on them. I have trained top quality salespeople, as well as client care teams (non-salespeople), with a well crafted script, and consistently had amazing results. To the tune of millions and millions of dollars.
    Are your salespeople (and your client care people) using tested and proven scripts?
  • Money scripts – These scripts help salespeople sell using OPM (other people’s money) or even their own money sources that they didn’t know were there, or how to use them.
    If you want to know how to increase conversions in a big way, sell people on their own credit and other creative ways for them to fund your products or programs.
  • Rehash – Finding money in previously unsold leads:Many years ago, I was running a marketing and sales office for a company with high-ticket products and I personally sold between $500,000 and $750,000 per year from unsold leads.When salespeople didn’t sell leads we generated and told us they were “dead” or a “waste of time,” we would put them through a system, that I created, and in many cases book a new appointment with the previously unsold lead.

    I would then go out and go over the things that the the salesperson should have said or done and pick up a sale – sometimes for more money than they were quoted before.

    I’ve trained other companies on how to do the same, and these clients have sold between $30,000 to over $100,000 per month from “dead” leads.

    The secondary benefit is that you learn what the salesperson needs retraining on so you can increase their conversion.

    So follow up, ask questions and see how you can get back in front of unsold leads to reclaim revenue and increase your conversion going forward.
  • Campaigns for Client Retention – Use simple scripts to follow up with new buyers…they’ll be pleasantly surprised you called. Also have a script and system in place for clients that ask for a refund. There is mileage in keeping what you’ve worked hard to already generate and sell.

I have all of the above campaigns and funnels pre-written and pre-built, as well as all of the scripts and systems pre-written and pre-built, ready to be customized and implemented for you.

Let’s get on a call together and we’ll discuss the campaigns and funnels that will get you the best results to help you get an immediate revenue boost – and also get you set for the next 12 months.

Tell me more about your business here and I’ll let you know how I can help you grow your business – exponentially!

“We hired Alan in July to help us with our marketing; from month one our business grew and our marketing costs reduced. After 6 months our sales had grown by an average of 20% each month, and even more significantly we had slashed our marketing costs by an average of 42%, dropping a significant amount of money to our bottom line.

Alan reduced our cost per appointment – increased our revenue per appointment – helped increased our close rate – and with his scripts, training and accountability the monthly volume in our Rehash Department grew by 244%.

In December when most other companies were really struggling for leads and sales, Alan created an amazing direct mail campaign that brought us a huge month, increasing our revenue nearly 50% over our previous monthly average.”

~ Ross Eberhart, Renewal by Andersen

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