Founder, Peak Potentials Training

“The best move I ever made was to hire Alan to work with us. He has solidified the entire marketing team, he has systematized so many elements that we never had systematized before. And most importantly, the revenues have DOUBLED in many of the areas that he’s been in, and we have DOUBLED or even TRIPLED the number of joint ventures and strategic alliances that we had before. Thank you Alan!”

Million Dollar Coach to Women Coaches

“Hiring Alan McKenna has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business. And not just for the income acceleration that it’s created for me, but also for me personally. Our very first project together was a 6-figure launch, and we did that in just a matter of a few weeks. Alan has also stepped in and helped us completely reorganize our joint venture collaborations, he’s helped us create marketing calendars, he’s helped us create systems… he has helped us take what was a good business and turned it into a great business. We have very high goals for this year and Alan has mapped it out for us exactly how we’re going to reach our goals. I absolutely love working with him. He’s been a gift for me and my business, and he will be a blessing for you and your business and your income as well.”

Featured teacher in “The Secret” and author of two New York Time bestsellers

“Alan McKenna has helped me in 2-3 companies over the last 7 years. I use him as my secret weapon to create the strategies and the tactics for generating millions of dollars of online revenue. You need somebody to finish the project from start to finish and with every little detail (which I’m not good at) in between. This guy just rocks the house! He’s got my full endorsement. And what I can share with you is that his strategies and tactics work. And more importantly, you can trust him to do it on time and in your budget… and he’s a stand up guy.”

Author & Entrepreneur, Healing with the Masters

“Alan is a rockstar! I love working with Alan… I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is SO good at what he does. He has tons of integrity, he is very conscious of project management, he gets things done on time and it’s of the highest quality. He’s helped us develop some high-profit funnels. These are really high-end funnels, he’s helped us create a sales team, he’s helped us train the sales team, he’s helped us set up the backend of the funnel for the sales team. We started earning income almost immediately! It’s been an awesome, amazing experience. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is really smart, he’s been doing it for a long time, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s going to coach you, teach you and then work for you to make sure you have a very profitable company. You will see an immediate difference as soon as you start working with Alan.”

The Queen of Sales Conversion

“Alan has been indispensable in our company, especially when I was looking to build a sales funnel that could help more people find us or those who were not converting on our online funnels. Alan came in and literally, with just a couple of savvy emails and a really smart plan, we were able to attract highly-qualified people to talk to my team. It’s like getting this extension of myself in the area of marketing to be out there learning the latest and greatest. In fact, not that long ago, he brought an idea to the table that attracted over 1,000 people to a low-end offer and we generated over 300 strategy sessions from that one idea. Thank you to Alan, for being a man of integrity, a man of his word, he follows up on details, he’s always bringing what he learns from all of the studying he does to my business. And I know, if you choose to work with him, he’ll have the same kind of integrity, and contribution, and team spirit for you too.”

Sedona Soul Adventures – Arizona

"Alan has been instrumental in increasing our business by 61% in a period of just 6 months and has proved to be thorough, dependable and fun to work with.

He’s come up with ideas that hadn’t occurred to us in the four years that we have been in business; ideas that have had an immediate positive impact on our bottom line.”

“I had been spinning my wheels with internet marketing for years but now see the light (and the cash)! I spent years looking for someone to do it for me, fix it, or just make it work. Finally, I found the right combo of advisor and consultant who also was willing to roll up his sleeves and “do”. I am very happy to say that I have been totally blown away by the results, in terms of new clients and cash flow that he has produced for my business

Alan understood my business quickly, zoomed in with laser focus on exactly where we needed to start and what we needed to do and then created an amazing repositioning strategy and campaign, and helped execute it flawlessly. Here are the results…

Firstly, I grew my paid monthly subscriber’s base by 60% in just 11 days.

Secondly, the monthly membership was double the cost of my regular membership and my monthly subscriber revenues grew by over 121% – again in just 11 days.

Alan then built me a second campaign and the results went through the roof…

This 7 day campaign has boosted my original subscriber base by another 187% and my monthly subscriber revenues by over 380%.

What’s most exciting is that this immediate success is really just a launching pad for the mountain of opportunity I now feel equipped to pursue. Thanks Alan!”

BEN PARGMAN, The Short Sale Service – Georgia

"We hired Alan in July to help us with our marketing; from month one our business grew and our marketing costs reduced. After 6 months our sales had grown by an average of 20% each month, and even more significantly we had slashed our marketing costs by an average of 42%, dropping a significant amount of money to our bottom line.

Alan reduced our cost per appointment – increased our revenue per appointment – helped increased our close rate – and with his scripts, training and accountability the monthly volume in our Rehash Department grew by 244%.

In December when most other companies were really struggling for leads and sales, Alan created an amazing direct mail campaign that brought us a huge month, increasing our revenue nearly 50% over our previous monthly average.”

ROSS EBERHART, Renewal by Andersen – N.E. LA and San Diego

“I’ve known Alan for almost 20 years professionally and personally; I have always found him to be results driven and he works in the highest of integrity… I have no hesitation in recommending Alan, he has always proven himself to be professional, hard working, ethical, and his results speak for themselves.”

Classic Conservatories –
 New Jersey

"Ok…here’s the deal. I’ve known Alan for about 65 days. And in that period of time he did what we’ve been trying to do for about 3 years now! He generated over 4,000 leads for our company and made it look like child’s play. I saw what he did… not rocket science… not hours of whiteboard strategy and extravagant budgets, but just plain old “one-to-many” lead generation common sense paid for with a roll of nickels. And, we’re smart people! But Alan took what we do very well and screamed it the world in his humble, understated, gentlemanly style. With Alan it was just all about the results!

RICK LUGASH, Business Owner, Southern California

“Alan has been instrumental in increasing our business by 61% in a period of just 6 months and has proved to be thorough, dependable and fun to work with. He’s come up with ideas that hadn’t occurred to us in the four years that we have been in business; ideas that have had an immediate positive impact on our bottom line.”

DEBRA & TOM M.S.S.A. – Arizona

"In June 2008 I gave a Webinar where 60 people attended – but we had zero sales into our back end product. We hired Alan on July 8th and told him that we were giving the same webinar again on July 15th with twice as many people. I’m happy to report that with Alan’s strategies we increased the number of attendees and we immediately secured 13 sales – and we’re not done yet. In his first week of consulting for us, Alan helped us generate enough sales to pay for himself!!"

Academy of Self Knowledge – California

“Alan quickly understood our internet marketing needs and consistently delivered valuable advice on how to convert traffic into leads and leads to sales. Alan applies his online marketing knowledge and excellent problem solving skills to ensure your web based business generates more leads resulting in higher revenues sooner. We were very impressed by his dedication to provide true value.”

 AgileSense Technologies – Texas

“I have had the opportunity and the privilege to work with Alan for a few months and our results were nothing short of amazing. He is a true gentleman and listened to our needs. His wealth of knowledge, unique ideas and concepts helped us and will continue to help us grow our business. In one month we set up and applied just one of his ideas and our revenue went from $40,000 per month to $76,000 per month – and that was in just one of our offices.”

Innovative Hearing Solutions – Canada