How Alan McKenna Generated Over $100K from a Micro Offer to a Back-end Sales Strategy

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Tim Paige on his podcast, ConversionCast (powered by LeadPages), where we discussed my high-profit sales funnel process. I told him how I helped one client generate over $100,000 in back-end sales from an $18 micro offer.

The key? Driving leads to a strategy session – especially those that have already expressed interest, but haven’t purchased the high-ticket item. This is a great way to engage these leads and have them wanting more content after the strategy session.

Also, I stressed one important thing to keep in mind during these sessions: “It’s never about hard selling anybody. It’s always about serving them and helping them take the next best action for them.”

Listen to the podcast:

Download the transcript of the interview.

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