How to Boost Your Launch Sales By 10-30%

The key to maximizing revenue during any campaign launch is by optimizing each area of the launch sales cycle. That’s pretty obvious – during launches marketers focus on optimizing their email copy, maximizing their sales page conversion, and creating pretty order forms. But what’s not as obvious is this:

You can increase sales by 10-30% by taking some of your sales offline.

That’s right.

We’re so focused on online marketing nowadays that sometimes we forget that the most effective sales take place in person… and the next best is video chats followed by phone calls. We forget that most sales, especially for service and consulting-based businesses, still take place with a conversation.

Here’s how to optimize your campaign launches by focusing on offline sales:

1) Make sure that your sales team has the right training.

You can’t pour your leads into a funnel that’s broken, or they’ll never convert from non-buyers into clients. Your team (and yourself, if you’re involved with sales calls) needs to be ready. Does your sales staff just talk with leads once and then never follow up, or do they have a follow up system for leads? Do you have scripts in place that properly present your core offers and distinguish why your company is the solution to your ideal client’s problems? Do you have systems in place to track how well your sales team is doing and what key areas they may need to work on? These are all things you need to have in place to maximize your offline sales (and they will benefit you long after your launch is over as well).

2) Train the “rest” of your sales team.

It’s not just your sales staff that should know how to handle clients. Your entire company should be well-versed in handling sales conversations, from the receptionist to the CEO. One of the key areas where sales may come into play is during customer service. Any team member should be able to handle buyer questions when support tickets or calls comes in. And when someone contacts you to cancel, make sure your team has a trained process for saving that potential client.

3) Offer the opportunity to help and to answer questions.

Businesses often forget the most important piece of information during launches: their contact info. When potential clients have questions, can they easily reach out to contact your team by phone or email? Make sure you offer help in all the key places during your launch – pre-launch content, on your sales page, on your shopping cart, during your webinars and livestreams, etc. You should also have a cart abandon sequence so that anyone who hits your shopping cart order page, but doesn’t purchase, gets a follow up from your team by email and phone. Every point of contact is the potential for a sales conversation to take place.

We’ve included a quick cheat sheet to help you remember how to integrate offline sales with your campaigns. Check out the chart below or click here to download a printable PDF.

By implementing these tactics with our clients, we’ve seen launch sales increase by 10-30% by tapping into their offline sales team instead of relying solely on an online launch. Remember, sales conversations are key.

If you’d like to see how much revenue is waiting to be harvested in your company, then let me know more about your business and if I feel I can help you we’ll chat.