Five ZERO Cost Ways to Explode Your Revenues and Add Huge Profits to your Bottom Line

As I consult with companies around the world I typically find the same issues preventing them from getting the most leads from every marketing dollar and the most revenue from every appointment.  This massively limits the profits they make.

I have listed below five ZERO-COST ways that will literally change your business overnight and exploded your revenues and profits.

1. Measure Everything

Measuring is key to improving conversions. Measure everything, such as:

  • Lead Source and Sub Lead SourceWhere are your leads coming from, which ones are converting the best and most importantly what is the return on investment?
  • Marketing PerformanceHow well is each step of every campaign converting and what can be improved?
  • SalespeopleHow many leads issued, how many presentations, what’s their conversion, what’s their revenue per appointment, what is their average sale?
  • Website StatisticsWhat is the volume of traffic, what’s the conversion into leads and how many of those are converting into sales?

Only when you truly know your key metrics can you begin to make changes, and then cut out what’s not working, and do more and improve what is working.

The first thing I do with any new company that I consult with make sure they are measuring everything. And get this: Most of the time simply measuring increases performance (one company’s revenues grew by 38% in the first month just from the accountability that comes from measuring results).

Remember – “When Performance is Measured Performance Improves”

2. Urgency

Have the phone answered LIVE and respond to leads immediately – I couldn’t begin to tell you how many companies’ offices I called and they didn’t answer the phone. I even spoke to one company that wanted to grow their business but they fired the person who answered the phone and let potential leads go to voicemail.

Make sure you have your phones answered LIVE at all times, and when no one is in the office have the phones forwarded to an appointment setter’s cell phone and book leads immediately.

Leads are hottest the moment they reach out to you. The longer you wait to respond, the colder they become.

3. Capture All Leads

Most companies only register leads that want appointments. Work toward capturing contact information of leads that are simply interested (email, phone, fax, mailing address or some combination of the above). From there you can:

  • Consistently market via email, phone, fax or direct mail to those who didn’t schedule appointments or buy immediately
  • Determine that customer’s exact wants and cater to those needs
  • Establish a relationship with your potential buyers

One day they’ll be ready to buy and convert into sales because you’ve built up trust with your customers.

4. Rehash All Leads

So many leads are wasted by not following up with them more than once. Rehashing them serves two purposes.

1) It instantly creates you more business – typically you can recapture between 10% and 20% more business via rehash.

2) You find what the salespeople are not doing in their presentations and then retrain them to further increase sales.

If you don’t already have a rehash program, we strongly recommend you put one in place.

5. Get listed with “Local” Search Engines and Internet Yellow Pages

The major search engines all have ways to get your business listed with local search. There is zero-cost to register for these services… they charge you nothing for any click-throughs and any leads you receive are FREE!

Here are the links to register your business:

Use these 5 strategies and your business will begin to prosper massively!

If you’d like to see how much revenue is waiting to be harvested in your company, then let me know more about your business and if I feel I can help you we’ll chat.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

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